About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Access Skill, Inc. an accredited, not-for-profit organization free online educational platform and covers a wide range of educational training, courses, and programs. Our main purpose is to educate those who are financially unable to learn and those who don’t have on-campus learning facilities.

Our team is made of hardworking volunteers from different corners of the world,
gathered to bestow their time, knowledge and efforts to serve the people without any demand. We work continuously and tirelessly to improve the level of education and provide high standard educational materials for avid learner.

Why Access Skill ?


Continue your journey as a lifelong learner by building new skills and knowledge both within your discipline and on topics that are of importance to the wider community and beyond


Designed to fit around your busy schedule,we offers a variety of learning opportunities which allow you the flexibility to decide when and where you want to learn.


Connect with other like-minded individuals through our Communities. Freely discuss, share knowledge and build your wider professional learning network.
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Awesome students
Imagination… What we can easily see is only a small percentage of what is possible. Logistics through innovation, dedication, and technology.
Nasir Afzali Dean of IT
Access Skill is really a great platform, one can teach anything. Wonderful to be on a platform like this, recording more courses and looking forward to have more students from across the globe
Jane Doe Volunteer Instructor
If you think of creating online courses as learning how to ride a bike I’d say Access Skill is learning to ride a bike with training wheels. Personally I’ve had a great experience teaching on Access Skill.
Richard Roe Voulnteer Instructor